WordPress Security Issue: Why You Need To Worry About It?

The WordPress security issue is a matter of big concern for every individual who has a WordPress-powered website or using WordPress CMS. Being a popular Content Management System doesn’t mean it is free of issues. So, the question may arise, is WordPress secure? Here is what WordPress itself says - WP is secured until a user follows the best and recommended WordPress security practices. Hence, in order to get rid of WordPress security vulnerabilities, the users have to be conscious and careful while performing any action on sites. Here are the five most common WordPress security issues that can worry you.

Brute-Force Login Attempts

The most common WordPress security issue, Brute Force login attempts means trying to access the WordPress site using different combinations of username & password. It is a trial and error method in which intruders attempt to access your website or your WordPress login page. As there is no limit to login attempts in WordPress, hence the cybercriminals get enough chances to break into your WordPress site. Even if the attempt is unsuccessful, it can overload your system or hang your website as well.


After a brute force attack, the backdoor vulnerability helps hackers to gain access to the WordPress website through WP admin, FTP, and SFTP. It creates a hidden passage that bypasses the security encryption and allows the cybercriminals to wreak havoc on the hosting servers. As per stats, the backdoor was responsible for almost 70 to 72% of infection on WordPress sites. Mostly the outdated WordPress security updates are responsible for the backdoor intrusion. It appears like a legitimate WP system file and makes its way through the WordPress database.

WP PHP code vulnerability

PHP or hypertext preprocessor is a code that runs your WordPress website. Any vulnerability in a WordPress site’s PHP code can leave your website open for attackers. Also called File Inclusion Exploits happens when a user executes vulnerable code to load remote files, resulting in attackers gaining access to your WordPress website’s wp-config.php file. This is the most important PHP extension that is required for a WordPress installation. Hence for securing WordPress website you should avoid vulnerable PHP code or contact WordPress support.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

The severity of Cross-Site Scripting is such that it is alone responsible for 85% of WordPress security vulnerabilities. The working mechanism of XSS is that the attacker takes advantage of unsecured JavaScript and makes the user open a webpage with bad security. That way the attacker can easily steal the data from the user’s browser. For instance, if you try to input data on any form during a Cross-Site Scripting attack then that would be stolen by attackers. The basic purpose of an XSS attack is to grab hold of the cookie or session data or even rewrite HTML code on any page.

Malicious activity

Malware or malicious software can cause harm to a computer. Cybercriminals use malicious codes to get unauthorized access to a website to steal sensitive data. Such activities can hack a WP website hence is the need of securing WordPress sites to prevent such intrusions. The most common malware infections include Pharma hacks, malicious redirects, and drive-by downloads. To remove the malicious software the users have to perform WordPress security updates or install a fresh version of WordPress.

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