Importance of a WordPress website| WordPress Support number USA

Easy to modify

WordPress has a vast selection of themes to choose from that can give that a great touch to your website and match with the visuals that you have made-up. There is a seamless theme for everyone, be it a business site, a blog or an online store.

The themes can be tailored with no trouble as they come with their own set of options that let you choose colors, change the background, and create sliders and so much more that too without getting into the complications of coding. You can get in touch with the WordPress support number in United States to know about the advanced features like analytics, contact forms and console, to name a few. Just like themes, there is a plugin for everything that makes your website even more functional.

User friendly

The WordPress support USA would like to tell you that a WordPress website is very friendly and with the correct knowledge, you won’t have a hard time getting hands on the functions. A WordPress website can be installed and setup in a few minutes that too without any difficulties in the United States.

You just require a domain name and a web hosting account. It can be installed for free through the WordPress hosting provider or upload from You will get the right to use the dashboard that comes with all the features used to modify headings and layouts.

WP Website

Know Why Google prefers a WP Website | WordPress Support

WordPress is written by using a regular submission high-quality code and produces semantic mark-up. In simple terms, it makes Google give preference to the WordPress websites. This is one of the reasons why WordPress sites tend to rank higher in search engines in not only USA but other places too.

They are also ranked higher as they are updated on an ordered basis and also because it comes with several tools and plugins that can be used for search engine optimization.

You can dial the WordPress support phone number in the United States to know about the efficiency of different plugins.

WordPress Helpdesk USA| WordPress help is here to tell you about the 500 internal error

Even though WordPress is amazing, it does have some errors but there is nothing that can’t be fixed. One such error is the 500 server error.

It can take place on any web server and is not just restricted to a WordPress website. This error usually occurs when a main configuration file like .htaccess file has not been configured properly. You don’t have to worry as the WordPress help USA is here to assist you just in case you face this error.

Know how to fix 500 server error| Connect with WordPress live chat USA

If you face a 500 Internal Server Error then your first step should be to check your error logs to find out which file resulted in this error. This will help you to decide whether the best step is to restore a backup to bring the site back online or to fix the problem with the file activating the error.

Method 1- Locate the Error Logs

Your error logs for every environment can be located in your user portal on the WordPress engine. Choose the environment where you faced the error and then select “Error Logs” from the left-hand navigation.

Any PHP errors that are made by your website will show up with the timestamp, IP address and file path which resulted in this error.

As per on the basis of the info in the error log, you can choose to either edit the .htaccess file to fix the error, or to restore a Backup point to go back to the last point when the website was functioning without an issue. If you are having a hard time then you can connect with WordPress helpdesk and the experts will guide you through the process.

Method 2- Edit .htaccess or other website files

If you choose to resolve this error by editing a file on your website then you can do this with SFTP. Initiate by opening your SFTP client and linking to your site. Once you form an association, you can find the right file to make changes to.

Know about WordPress maintenance service from WordPress live support

The Wordpress maintenance services include the following:

Upgrade of Core WordPress& Plugins

Plugins are independent applications that are prepared by the developers who have no connection to the WordPress community. As WordPress comes with an update, it is the obligation of the developer to update their plugin accordingly as well. Therefore, before installing the plugin it is important to check the reviews and check its last update date too. Once you have installed it, it is important to update it habitually as it gets an update from the developer’s end.

Upgrading WordPress involves taking a backup of your website while working on the optimization of the database. This includes checking all the links of your posts and pages which are broken or dead and fix them accordingly. Dead or broken links can harm your website sources by giving an entry to the virus.

Upgrading regularly and taking a backup

Upgrades are classically to fix bugs and security problems. WordPress Support will execute the essential upgrades to improve the performance and features for pages, posts, audio and video systems.

Backups are not only important earlier to WordPress upgrades but they also safeguard the safety and security of your website.

You can connect with the WordPress live chat if you want to know anything else.

WP Plugin

WordPress theme and plugin detectors | WP Helpdesk United States

WordPress theme detectors tools give you the information about a theme that is used on a WordPress site USA. The information includes the name of the theme, version, author and the description.

Several WordPress theme detectors also give a link to the particular theme so that you can download and install it without any delay.

A plugin is software that has a number of functions which can be added to a WordPress website. They can expand the functionality or add new characteristics to your WordPress websites.

WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language and balance quite well with WordPress. There is a saying that “there’s a plugin for that” in the WordPress community and it is indeed true. They make it easier for users to add features to their website without knowing a single object about coding.

These WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector tools are:

What WordPress theme is that?

This theme detector perceives both the parent and child themes. It brings ample information about the theme and if the website is well-detected then it will give you a link to the theme and the author’s homepage too.

The information provided by this theme is justly extensive as it also lists all of the plugins that are used by the website.

Not only this, it also shares some references from their top WordPress theme providers and plugin pages.


ScanWP is yet another free and renowned WP theme detector tool. Apart from just providing the theme’s information, it also states the hosting provider that is used by the site.

If the theme is a premium one then it also shares the price of it and it gives some insight on the top scanned plugins, themes and page builders.

Know about the top WordPress themes

WordPress themes

As the name gives it away, Total Wordpress theme is a wide-ranging package theme that comes with the entire features that you need to make a complete website.

The theme has a fresh and classy design with lively color along with Theme Color customizable option and parallax segments.

The home page includes:

  • A slider
  • Featured section with icon
  • About us section with progress bar
  • Portfolio section with a beautiful masonry layout
  • Team section
  • Testimonial section
  • Counter tab
  • Client’s logo carousel slider
  • Call to action section

It won’t be wrong to say that Divi is not just a WordPress theme, it is more than that. It can be used by design connoisseurs and learners too as it give you the control to create remarkable designs with amazing comfort and proficiency.

Divi can be seen as Photoshop or Sketch for the web. It brings an advanced design edge to WordPress that both beginners and experts will adore. It's very suave, flexible, unbelievably powerful and graphical by nature.

The theme is fully responsive and is built on customizer that lets you form the website with a live preview. The best part about the theme is that it is SEO friendly, Cross browser friendly, completely change ready and is well-matched with WooCommerce.

We hope that we were able to cover major things about WordPress for you, be it the themes or the importance. If there is anything else that you would like to know then connect with the WordPress live chat support USA and the experts will assist you in no time.