How To Install WordPress – A Complete Guide For Newbie

How To Install WordPress – A Complete Guide For Newbie

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WordPress is the amazing technology being developed to help users for creating their websites in just a minute. It is free, open-source software known worldwide especially for its effortless way of installation. It is very easy to install and very simple to use in developing the creative website. If you are newbie and want to learn How To Install WordPress, refer to this blog-post. However, creating a website can be terrifying decision especially when you are non-tech. That’s why, we have decided to provide you comprehensive guide so installing WordPress would be just a piece of cake for you. So, let’s read out from top-to-toe and follow carefully


Things You Should Know About Before Installing WordPress

Before you begin to Install WordPress, you first are required to have a domain name and an extra-ordinary web hosting company that knows WordPress so well to be used for website creation. It is our always suggestion to you all to use Bluehost because the organization will offer you completely free domain and 60% off their hosting plan (special for WPBeginner users). The reason why we recommend using Bluehost for WordPress installation is they are one of the top-level of hosting companies in the world. In this guide you will learn the right ways to Install WordPress. So, continue reading the post!


Steps To Install WordPress on Bluehost

Bluehost is highly recommended WordPress hosting provider and one of the major hosting companies in the world. They know WordPress from top-to-bottom and have the easiest as well as hands-free steps of WordPress installation. Though, Bluehost automatically installs WordPress on your domain name only after you sign up properly. Once you login to your Bluehost account, you’ll get to see your WordPress site under ‘My Sites’ section. Go through the simplest directives mentioned underneath:


First and forecast, open Bluehost on your Window screen.

  • Next, go to “My Sites” tab from the left panel and then give a click to the ‘Log into WordPress’ link. After doing this you will be directly taken to the WordPress admin area.

My Sites

  • Despite for the ‘Basic’ plan, Bluehost also allows you to Install WordPress on unlimited sites with all their hosting plans.
  • For that you just have to place a click on the ‘Create Site’ button under ‘My Sites’ tab to begin with the installation process.

Create Site

  • This will launch the Bluehost guided WordPress installation wizard. The very beginning you will be asked to provide a suitable site title and optionally a tagline.

Create Site


Thereafter, you need to press “Next” button to continue.

  • In the next step, you will be asked to select a domain name and actual path for your website. If you have already purchased a domain name, then you can select it from the dropdown button. Although, you can anytime purchase and add new domain names to your account by simply visiting the ‘Domains’ page from the hosting dashboard.
  • Once you have seriously selected your domain name, you can just leave the directory path blank and let Bluehost choose it for you. The installer will also show couple of crucial plugins that you can install as well if you want.


  • Then, click “Next” button to continue.
  • The installer will then set up your WordPress site, which may take less than a minute.
  • Afterward, you will receive a success message along with your WordPress site details on the screen.
  • Further, you will also receive the details of your WordPress website through email. So, you should also check your email account for that.
  • Now, you can frequently click on the login to WordPress button to enter your new site’s admin area.


Congratulations! WordPress has been successfully installed on your Bluehost hosting account.


Installing WordPress


The Required Things Have To Perform After Installing WordPress

Here is couple of important things you need to get started with your new WordPress site. Let’s have a brief look at once:

  • First of all you are suggested to choose a specific theme for your WordPress website. However, the image manifestation of your WordPress powered website is full-on controlled by Themes. Thousands of themes are available for your WordPress site; you have to choose the beneficial one.
  • The full strength of WordPress comes with immense collection of plugins. Thus, install and use the WordPress Plugins without any doubt.
  • At the end start learning WordPress as it is very important before using it for your website.


Obtain 24/7 Online WordPress Support For Additional Help

Hopefully! The WordPress installation tutorial helped you out to gain strong knowledge of How To Install WordPress. If you are not satisfied with the given information, then feel free to contact our WordPress Support team. They are well-educated and extra-talented so will let you know the right method of installing WordPress in cost-effective manner. You can connect with them via helpline number or through live chat.

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