Get The Best WordPress Help Desk Plugins For Customer Support

Get The Best WordPress Help Desk Plugins For Customer Support

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If you are running an Online Business, then the strong customer-relationship matters a lot to become more productive and prominent in the worldwide. So, while creating your business site, consider adding professional WordPress HelpDesk as well for customers’ better support and cost-effective service.

The most relevant or you can say the top-notch help desk plugins will lend you a quick hand in addressing the customers’ queries and technical problems in reliable and durable manner. Furthermore, this will also be helpful in managing your customer complaints and queries in the sequence they land on the support page and request for technical assistance.

You can simply organize the supporting guide by assigning them a ticket and redirecting them to the right department for help. A well-run help desk plugins enable you to serve the federal and on-time support service which will further improvement in user-interaction and ultimate conversation. In today’s guide, we will walk you through the world-class WordPress Help Desk Plugins for customer support. Let’s take a brief look!

Top-rated WordPress Help Desk Plugins For Technical Guidance

Some of the beneficial and most effectual WordPress Help Desk plugins are listed underneath. Grab any of the following and transform the way you provide technical support to your customers.

  1. Knowledge Base: 

    The Knowledge Base WordPress plugin initiates to build a customer self-service help desk in just a second. Eventually, this helps to create resources with well-profound articles and answer frequently asked questions. Users of such plugin will be applicable to produce perfect customer support centers, FAQs, eye-catching product or service documentation, internal company documentation, wikis, and much more.

  2. TotalDesk:

    TotalDesk is a comprehensive, all-in-one help-desk plugin for WordPress. Features include ticket and notification system, live chat, knowledge base, and reports.

  3. MinervaKB Knowledge Base: 

    The MinervaKB knowledge base Plugin Supporta powerful WordPress FAQ module with instant filtering and categories. It is simple and effort-less in terms of customization and also comes with limitless design options. You can freely confine your content and show teasers. You can even though assimilate top plugins with like WPML, Elementor, and Visual Composer.

  4. Fast: Support Ticket Plugin: 

    FAST is a super-professional Plugin Supportticket system that is less tricky and effort-free for your customers to use. It will give you and your team time-to-time updates via email and Slack notifications. The producers of FAST use it themselves to provide support tickets for their 20,000 plus customers on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. It’s too fast and is simpler in chatting to your customers!

  5. Helpy: 

    This will help you to create a knowledge base that is accessible only by your customers. Additionally, you will be able to create an internal wiki for your team or a Wikipedia-like website with front-end editing and publishing capabilities. And finally, you can create documentation for your WordPress websites. This could be either technical documentation or product documentation.

  6. Atlas Knowledge Base: 

    The Atlas knowledge base plugin helps you to create a self-serve online record of the information about product, service, department, or topic, helping you to decrease the support volume and increase customer satisfaction. Atlas comes with an innovative look and two eye-catching designed mobile-ready themes to match your brand.

  7. AI Chat Support Board: 

    The Support Board WordPress Helpdesk plugin helps you automate your customers’ communication with artificial-intelligence-driven bots and a chat system incorporated with the most accessible platforms. Save your precious time and use already known software that you love to access. Feel free to communicate with your customers directly. Connect Dialogflow and use relevant messages on the fly.

  8. WooCommerce Support Ticket System:

    The WooCommerce Support Ticket System flawlessly integrates into your WooCommerce installation, adding a system to manage user and order support tickets. In such case, the shop admin can frequently track and cater quick-support for product orders and users’ issues!

  9. Sabai Discuss: 

    Sabai Discuss is an ultimate tool specifically launched for building a knowledge base and a help-desk portal for your WordPress website. You can also use it to build a community-driven question-and-answer website similar to Yahoo Answers and Stack Overflow.

  10. Knowledgebase X: 

    Knowledgebase X is an outstanding as well as fruitful WordPress knowledge base plugin having all-in-one features including FAQ, glossary, and AI-powered chatbot help-desk. It gives you permission as well to build a robust self-service support system that will help significantly reduce live chat support. It supports file attachment, alternative questions for articles, upvotes, downvotes, and a lot more!

Desired Things To Consider While Choosing A WordPress Help Desk Plugin

  • Your budget.
  • What features you want for your website.
  • Having ability to customize the help-desk support system.
  • Process the service faster and easier.
  • Web Interface.
  • High level of security service.

You are completely free now in order to purchase one of the afore-mentioned high-quality WordPress HelpDesk Plugin on CodeCanyon and create a fantastic technical support experience for your customers.




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