Choose from the Best WordPress Community Themes!

Choose from the Best WordPress Community Themes!

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There are a number of WordPress community themes that you can select from if you wish to create a community website. You will not only get an amazing design, but a lot of features as well.


Best WordPress community themes


1. Kleo

This theme has everything that you need to make a professional community or social networking site with WordPress. It is packed with great quality pre-built website demos and it gives you a number of options.

The demo is designed for generating communities that focus to deliver educational, entertainment, and eLearning content. Therefore, you can go for this theme no matter what you have in mind.

Apart from the website demos, Kleo has several valuable communicating and networking features that have helped it earn a place in this collection of the best community WordPress themes. A chief part of this is that this theme has been constructed around the commanding BuddyPress plugin. Because of this, you can use the community features of the trusted BuddyPress plugin to transform WordPress into a social networking platform.

Even though Kleo comes with lots of stylish templates and layouts for the community website. You aren’t limited to using these designs. Kleo makes it very easy to identify your online community hub, mostly to great support for the WordPress Customizer interface that gives you complete control over the look of your site. Besides. The Kleo package comprises of the finest WPBakery Page Builder tool. That lets you edit the demos through an instinctive drag-and-drop graphic edge. So, whether you’re looking for a theme that can be used without any customization or you’d like more control over how your site looks.


2. Buddyboss

It includes top-notch WordPress plugins so that you can launch the community website in the best way possible. Whether you want to create an online community that’s permitted to admission or a private members-only website, Buddyboss should deliver you everything that’s desirable to get started and beyond. The high-quality design and advent of Buddyboss is the first thing you’ll notice when you see this community WordPress theme. Thanks to the professional look of Buddyboss, you shouldn’t have any worry showing to your target audience that your website is a trustworthy and dependable resource.

The patterns in the Buddyboss package cover all the parts your community website should want. This not only comprises the homepage but also all of the other pages.  Your site might need, such as user profiles, groups, discussion areas, and more. The customization tools and settings make it easy to identify the pre-built content of Buddy Boss and give your community an exclusive look.

Buddy Boss isn’t just about beneficial and elegant templates. This theme is full of features that will help you to launch an actual community website with WordPress. This comprises support for member networks, private messaging and activity feeds. You can also give your users the ability to upload media files and make their own image galleries. Gamifying your online community is another option as well. Thanks to the types that let you award users with points and badges based on their engagement with your website.


3. Olympus

It has been made to help you to build your very own social networking and online community website. With a boundless mix of features and pre-built content, Olympus targets to deliver you with everything that’s essential to launch your own busy online community hub. Although you only get one website demo to work with, this does abridge the process of getting started. Less choice means you can launch your new website without too much discussion and instigate building your online community. The pre-built website demo derives from all the templates your site is likely to need plus a stylish homepage design.

As well as the pre-built content, you get admission to the best-selling WPBakery Page Builder tool to modify the arrival of your website. Therefore, if there’s any aspect of the key Olympus website demo that’s not fairly to your liking you can simply edit it over the graphic interface of this finest plugin. Other customization work can be passed out through the simply handy admin panel, giving you control over the colors, fonts, and layout possessions of your community website.

Another pleasant aspect of the Olympus theme is the setup wizard that walks you through the course of generating your website. As working with these feature-rich themes can involve numerous tasks to be accomplished. It’s good to see that something has been added to Olympus to help abridge this procedure. This theme also derives with lots of valuable certifications to help. You make the most of your website and get it working in the way that you want. There’s a 14-day refund policy in place too in case you find out that Olympus isn’t for you after all.


4. Aardvark

It can help you to generate a great range of websites with a community focus. If you are scheduling to launch an online community, whether it’s a membership site, a social network, or some other type of project; Aardvark could be the theme for the job. Shaped by a writer with lots of knowledge of emerging themes for BuddyPress. Aardvark assimilates flawlessly with this prevalent community-building WordPress plugin.  Not only can this but. You can use any of the many add-ons available for BuddyPress to improve the community aspects of your site.



These are some great WordPress community themes that you can use for your next website. If there is something else that. You require to know then you can get in touch with us and Dial WordPress Support Number any time anywhere.

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