Set up and Configure the Contact Form 7 on Your WP Site Easily

Set up and Configure the Contact Form 7 on Your WP Site Easily

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In this digital age, it’s essential to remain in contact with your audience. While having an email list is a great option, but you also need to make provisions for when your customers want to be in touch with you directly. Here’s when the importance of forms arises. Contact form 7 in WordPress is the most prevalent plugin for developing forms for lead generation. They are simple to incorporate and deploy. They can even be used with themes having integrated contact forms. It’s because those forms don’t provide customization. In this article, you’ll find how to set up this plugin and use it on your WordPress websites.


The Varied Features of Contact Form 7 Plugin

Currently, this plugin has more than 5 million active installs. Thus, it’s certainly much popular among WordPress website owners. The plugin offers multiple features to the users. Keep reading to know what you can expect by using it.

  • Easily create various contact forms and manage them.
  • Conveniently customize the various form fields.
  • Change the content of the mail by using a simple markup.
  • Insert your contact forms into any of your WordPress posts or pages. You just need to use a shortcode for it.
  • This plugin supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, and well as Akismet spam filtering.
  • You can gain access to numerous third-party extensions if you want to add more functionality.
  • The plugin is completely free.


The Process of Installing Contact Form 7

Through this plugin, a business can easily contact its readers and visitors. Not only this, the presence of a form makes a WordPress website appear more credible to the readers. Follow these steps to know how to install contact form 7.

  • The first step is to install its plugin. Select ‘Plugins‘ in, your dashboard and then select ‘Add Plugin.’
  • Input ‘Contact form 7‘ in the search bar. Then tap ‘Install‘ and then ‘Activate.’
  • After your plugin gets activated, you will find its functionality in the area of ‘Contact‘ on your WP dashboard.


The Process to Set up Contact Form 7

Setting up the WordPress contact form 7 is not a very challenging process. But you need to follow certain instructions for it.

  • Tap on ‘Contact‘ and then go to ‘Contact Forms. ‘ You’ll view the central administration panel. Here you can manage numerous contact forms. You can also locate Contact Form 7’s default form. It is labeled as ‘Contact Form 1.’
  • This form consists of all the spaces that a simple contact form requires. This form is already ready for your use. You can put it into any post and page of the website.
  • You also have the option of creating your own contact form by choosing ‘Contact‘ and then ‘Add New.’


Customization of the Contact Form 7

You can customize this your contact form in various ways and set emails to control notifications and insert the form into any post or page. You can even add a reCAPTCHA functionality to it.


1. How to create a new form?

You can also easily create a new contact form. Follow these steps for it.

  • After giving a name to your new contact form, scroll down to the area of ‘Form.’ In this part, you can change the template of the new contact form.
  • The template you choose outlines the different fields on the form and the labels that are seen beside the fields.
  • Contact Form 7 adds multiple fields to new forms by default, like name, subject, email, message, and send. These fields are necessary.
  • But users who desire to add more fields can do it by selecting the suitable tag-generator button. It will generate the right form tag. For instance, if you want a URL field, tap the ‘URL‘ button. But for adding a label, copy the HTML that appears in a long-form tag.
  • After that, you can add multiple fields as per your needs on the form. Just ensure that you tap ‘Save’ present at the bottom when you have completed.


2. The process for setting mail to control email alerts/notifications

In contact form 7, you can easily set up the mail in a manner that controls all email notifications. Go through these steps below.

  • Any new fields that you add in the contact form will not get automatically shown in the template settings of email notifications. So, after you are done with customizing the Form, turn to the tab of ‘Mail.’
  • Now, you will see the email template that you’ll get on sending a contact form.
  • See whether the email address is right in the ‘To‘ field. Its because it is only here that any correspondence related to the contact form will be sent.
  • Go down to the section of ‘Message Body‘ and insert the additional form-tags that you generated for the form. It will ensure that when you get an email through your contact form, it will showcase all information you requested the sender to share.
  • For adding a field to the email template, copy over the form field from the template. You also have the option of adding regular text that will surround your fields.
  • Keep in mind to tap ‘Save‘ after completing all the mail settings.


3. The process for inserting the contact form into a post or a page

Now you are well-versed with the whole process of setting up WordPress Contact Form 7. You also know how to create the form and change the mail settings. The last step in customizing the form is to insert the form into a post on your website on the WordPress domain. For doing it, adhere to the following steps.

  • Choose ‘Contact‘ and then ‘Contact Forms.’
  • Next, copy the shortcode besides the form that you desire to add to your WordPress website.
  • After that, open the WordPress post where you want the contact form to get inserted. Paste the shortcode in the area of text in the post editor, where you want to display the contact form.
  • Now you can ‘Preview‘ the page. If you’re satisfied with the outcome, tap ‘Publish.’ After the form goes live, test it to evaluate if it’s working like it should or not. The form response will get sent to the email address that you have inputted in the settings of ‘Mail.’ If, in any case, the email inbox doesn’t receives any response, always ensure to see the junk or spam mail.


4. The process for adding reCAPTCHA in your Contact Form 7

Everyone who submits a form on the internet is familiar with the technology of reCAPTCHA. Its older versions needed users to complete a puzzle or a specific challenge correctly. But the latest version only monitors the activities of users in the background to differentiate between a bot and human behavior. This plugin supports the latest version of reCAPTCHA (V3). By using it, you can make the user experience better.

The plugin of Contact Form 7 has the functionality of CAPTCHA included in it. If you want to add it to your website, follow the stepwise instructions given below. But before going ahead with reCAPTCHA, make sure that you have a Google account. You also need to register your website for API keys.

  • Sign in to your Google + account. Open ‘reCapture admin panel.’
  • Register your site by typing the name of the domain. Tap the button of ‘Register.’
  • After completing this procedure, you’ll receive a site and a secret key.


5. Follow the steps here for adding the reCAPTCHA to your contact form.

  • Go to ‘Contact‘ and then to the ‘Integration‘ page.
  • Locate the section of reCAPTCHA and then tap on the button of ‘Configure Keys.’
  • Type in your site and secret key in the relevant spaces.
  • Launch your contact form below the section of ‘Contact.’ In your dashboard.
  • Add the shortcode to the field of ‘Contact Form.’
  • Tap’ Save.’ To see the changes, refresh the site.


How to Resolve the Mail Delivery Issues in Contact Form 7?

Some contact form users may discover that their form is not able to send emails. If you happen to face this problem, there are certainly a couple of things that you can check on your part before seeking the aid of a professional WordPress developer.

  • See if your server can send other kinds of emails. You can test this by triggering an email delivery action by creating a test comment on any blog post. You can also submit a request for a password reset on the login page of your WordPress. If you happen to get an email after executing any of these actions, it means that the problem is associated with the configuration of the contact form. But if you don’t get emails, then contact your host’s support team and tell them that you are experiencing a problem with the email delivery.
  • Ensure that the fields of ‘From‘ and ‘To’ in the settings of the contact form’s maul delivery are properly configured. For the smooth functioning of the contact form, both the fields mentioned above should have actual email addresses.


1. Form submission messages

Through this plugin, you can also modify or customize a number of submission messages. The submission messages come after a specific condition gets fulfilled. For instance, if a reader or visitor doesn’t remember to fill a specific field, Contact Form 7 will showcase the message ‘The fields is required.’ It is the default setting in it.

For a majority of use cases, such a default message should be more than enough. But in case you desire to personalize the messages, you can accomplish it easily. Just tap the tab of ‘Messages.’ It is present in the contact form editor.


Wrapping up

Now you must find yourself familiar with all you can do with Contact Form 7 on your WordPress website. It’s by far the most prevalent contact for plugins and for the right reasons. It lets you create almost everything, right from simple contact forms to complex ones that are compatible with drop-down menus and file attachments. Its reCAPTCHA functionality is like icing on the cake. Follow the instructions to customize it as per your preferences and reap its benefits. Facing trouble in installing and using the Contact Form 7. No problem! Get in touch with the WordPress support team for further assistance.


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