Image Upload issue in WordPress: Ways to Fix it

If you are a frequent WordPress user, you can quickly fix some of the Image Upload issue in WordPress with your experience. However, you know which method you should try first to fix this issue. The solutions to this error can find in the WordPress errors you may be seeing.

So, let’s explore all the possible ways to fix the image upload issue in WordPress in effortless ways.


How to Fix Image Upload Issue in WordPress

There are different ways to fix this error on your own, depending upon the type of the problem.


1. Unable to Upload a Particular File

If you see this issue with one file, but all others, upload properly, there are two easy solutions.


  • Resize the image to Fix the Image Upload Issue in WordPress

A specific picture document may not transfer because the picture measurement is excessively enormous. To fix this, change your picture size to make it more modest. You can do this with any picture manager, or significantly more open, essentially use Picresize online device to fix the issue. See likewise how to upgrade your pictures for the web for additional regarding this matter.


  • Rename the image

If the record name contains distinctive characters ($, *, and, # … ) or emphasizes letters (ñ, á, é … ), rename the picture document to eliminate these characters and afterward transfer media to WordPress.


2. When file size errors occur

It happens when the picture you are attempting to transfer is bigger than the document size limit for transfers.


  • Increase max file size

To expand max record size, check your principle WordPress envelope for your php.ini document and add this content to it (in the event that you can’t discover the document, make a php.ini document, glue in this content, and transfer it to your fundamental WordPress organizer):

upload_max_filesize = 128M

post_max_size = 128M

max_execution_time = 300

It would expand your cutoff, and you ought to have the option to transfer your pictures.

Note that some WordPress has kept you from expanding the transfer size limit. If you took a stab at developing and it doesn’t work (check by going to Media > Add New), you would have to request that your host increment it for you.


3. When you can’t transfer File

On the off chance that you are having transfer issues, and as opposed to seeing legitimate pictures in your display, you see spaces like the image beneath. At that point, the issue is reasonable from your transfer organizer.

To fix the image upload issue in WordPress, you have to ensure your upload folder has the correct permissions.


  • Change the permission of your File for the upload folder

Set the correct folder permission to access your WordPress files using FTP.

Next, you have to choose the “wp-content” folder and open it.

In this folder, find your “uploads” folder, right-click on that folder, and then choose File Permissions.

Change the given value into 744, tick “Recurse into subdirectories”, choose “Apply to directories only”, and the last step is to select OK.

Presently reload your library to check whether your pictures show, and afterward, take a stab at transferring a record.

Note: sometimes, setting to 744 may not fix your issue. On the off chance that this occurs, rehash the cycle yet set the authorization to 755. You can fix the image upload issue in WordPress.


4. When You Are Getting a WordPress HTTP Error When Uploading

An HTTP blunder can be brought about by a few issues, some of which we have considered previously. Nonetheless, the two no doubt causes are (1) WordPress memory issues. (2) Multiple strings in your picture processor.


  • Increase the memory limit to solve image upload issues in WordPress

Low memory in WordPress could prompt numerous issues. One of them is WordPress pictures not transferring, and you seeing an HTTP blunder, all things being equal. Additionally, the memory we’re alluding to here is utilized to run applications on your worker and is not quite the same as the maximum record size we expanded previously.

To expand as far as possible in WordPress, access your site utilizing FTP and open the organizer containing your WordPress records.

In this organizer, find and alter your wp-config record to incorporate the accompanying code:

define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’ )

You have to increase the PHP memory limit to 256M in your WordPress and fix your WordPress HTTP error if its cause is memory-related.


  • Set the image processor to use one thread

Imagick is an image processor that WordPress uses to handle images. The processor is designed to use various threads to gear up image processing. However, some web hosts restrict the multi-thread feature, leading to an HTTP error when you upload.

To fix this issue, access your website using the FTP problem, locate your htaccess file and edit it to include the following configuration. It is a simple way to resolve the image upload issue in WordPress.


Other Solutions for Fixing image upload issue in WordPress

Here are two more other possible ways that you can try to resolve the image upload issue in WordPress.


  • Use the browser uploader.

The local program uploader can help get you around transferring issues in WordPress. Follow these means to change to the local uploader.

  •  Open dashboard, go to Media > Add New.


  •   Then, click the program uploader.

Have a go at transferring this approach to check whether it fixes your issue.

You can try to upload an image after resolving the image upload issue in WordPress.


  • Clear cache if you are using a caching plugin

Some WordPress clients have had the option to fix this issue by clearing the store on their reserving module.

On the off chance that you are utilizing a reserving module, attempt to check whether it fixes your issue.


  • Disable Plugins

At times, you can resolve picture transfer issues by incapacitating all your modules and progressively resolving the image upload issue in WordPress. Peruse this manual to figure out how: How To Disable WordPress Plugins Using FTP.



Here we have told you the best way to fix the image upload issue in WordPress. In any case, picture upload issues can there, then try to analyze and improve.

If you cannot fix this error independently, you can connect to WordPress support to fix your issues. They will resolve your problem and guide you to the right way to improve your situation after knowing the exact cause of the same.

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