Know How To Resolve 500 Internal Server Error

500 internal server error can take place on any web server and is not just limited to a WordPress website. This error usually occurs when a key configuration file like .htaccess file has not been configured properly. It will be displayed to you as:

  • The server is experiencing an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to finish your request
  • Connect with the server administrator at [address given] to inform them of the time this error happened, and the actions you performed just before this error.
  • More info regarding this error is available in the server error log


How do I fix 500 server error?

If you come across a 500 Internal Server Error. Then your primary step should be to check your error logs to determine which file resulted in this error. This will help you to decide whether the best step is to reinstate a backup to bring the site back online or to resolve the issue with the file activating the error.


1. Locate the Error Logs

On WP Engine, Your error logs for every environment can be found in your user portal on the WordPress engine. Click on the environment where you faced the error and then choose “Error Logs” from the left-hand side.

Any PHP errors that are formed by your website will show up with the timestamp, IP address and file path which caused the error.

As per on the basis of the information in the error log, you can select to either edit the .htaccess file to resolve the error, or to restore a Backup point to go back to the last point when the website was functioning without an issue.


2. Edit .htaccess or other website files

If you select to fix the error by editing a file on your website then you can do this with the help of SFTP. You can initiate by accessing your SFTP client and connecting to your site. Once you form a connection, you can find the right file to make changes to.


3. Handle timeout error

A timeout can also result in an error message. It is not a web server error but somewhat an interrupted connection to an external source. Are PHP scripts set to access resources from other servers on your website? It could be a possibility that the resource is no longer accessible or server communication is down due to an internal factor. One way to eliminate this source of error is by not making your site dependent on external resources. If this is not likely then you can upsurge the time limit of your script. It also makes sense to implement competent error handling. So that errors in the PHP script can be noticed in a much more accurate way.



We hope that we were able to help you out with the 500 server error. If there is something else you require assistance with then do get in touch with WordPress Support and the experts will assist you in the best possible way.

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