Develop Impressive Websites With Visual Composer Editor Plugin

Develop Impressive Websites With Visual Composer Editor Plugin

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WordPress is a renowned content management platform that allows the creation of feature-rich websites. The websites provide a great user experience. WordPress plugins refer to software bits that you can upload to enhance the current functionality of your WP site. A major benefit of using WordPress’s self-hosted version from is the capacity to upload plugins and use them as you prefer. One of these plugins is the visual composer. It is a quick, free, and search-engine-optimized landing and webpage builder. It has every feature that a user requires to build a website. Here in this article, you’ll find its various features and benefits.


What Is a Visual Composer?

It’s a drag-and-drop website builder for the WordPress platform. As a live frontend drag-and-drop editor for WP, this plugin enables users to design different pages on their site. It also facilitates seamless content management. The builder has a user-friendly interface. So, beginners and professionals both can use it efficiently.

Web developers and agencies can design an impeccable website for their clients through the plugin. The real advantage of this plugin lies in the Visual Composer Hub. The Hub is a free cloud marketplace that makes it accessible for users with more than 300 readily available elements, templates, and extensions. Moreover, the Hub keeps getting updated regularly with content, which ensures that it is possible for everyone to design a website of varying complexity even if they have no background in coding.

You can select layouts, footers, sidebars, headers, and content that you prefer using a single interface. For professionals, the builder’s API facilitates the creation of React-based content elements for personalized projects. The builder is also designed to keep performance in mind. It means that the layout output you have designed will be a clean HTML, which, in turn, will contribute to your SEO efforts.

You can create the following kinds of websites and web pages with the visual composer WordPress plugin.

  • Business website
  • Portfolio
  • Personal site
  • Landing page
  • Coming soon page.
  • Maintenance mode page
  • Under construction page
  • eCommerce site
  • blogs


What Visual Composer Allows Users to Do?

The plugin has a range of features that WordPress website owners can use to their advantage. It eases the website creation process like never before. Here are some great things that you can do with it.


1. Drag and drop website builder

It’s effortlessly easy to create new web pages or modify those present with the help of this quick drag-and-drop editor in this plugin. The user has unlimited freedom to design their pages however they want to. Thus, you can create a landing page or a webpage exactly as you envision with this plugin.


2. Front-end builder

The visual composer plugin allows you to live to design the pages. With the functionality of inline editing, the user is able to see every little change that they have made immediately. You have the full freedom to manipulate the page design till you find something that you genuinely love. Play with the fonts, colors, and customized options. View the changed results instantly in front of your eyes.


3. No need of possessing any coding skills

Do you feel that you need to be an expert web developer to work with such an advanced plugin? Well, you cannot be further from the truth. The visual composer WordPress plugin is developed for users to create stunning landing pages even if they don’t have any coding proficiency. All you require is to choose a predesigned template and some drag-and-drop elements on the page. You’ll soon be surprised to see the finished result.


4. Multiple elements, templates, blocks, and add-ons

The Visual Composer Hub’s cloud-based marketplace enables users to download various elements, add-ons, and templates whenever the need arises. What’s more, the team of the Hub keeps adding fresh content to the library on a weekly basis. Thus, it stays evergreen and is a rich resource. You can leverage as many assets as you want to your web page, and you don’t have to leave the editor for it.


What does the Visual Composer Hub offer?

The Visual Composer Hub offers various exciting assets to the user. They include the following.

  • Content elements – These include testimonials, buttons, slideshows, WooCommerce compatibility, and the like. You can modify the appearance and attributes of these elements according to your preference.
  • Templates – You can find multiple categories of templates for a specific web project. Just download them along with content blocks, footers, and headers, and substitute them with your content.
  • Addons – You can greatly enhance the whole experience of using this builder with advanced addons like Guttenberg Block template, Import/Export, Global Template, and many more.
  • Integrations – Users will find stock images and GIFs present in the editor. They can then use the images for different web projects.
  • A plethora of design options – Beginners and experienced professionals can leverage the robust design options in the website builder to make distinct page designs. It’s easy to develop custom background effects and tap on control paddings, borders, margins, and the radius of any element.


1. Inbuilt SEO tool

The visual composer plugin offers users the choice to create better websites through its in-built SEO tool, Visual Composer Insights. It is a completely free add-on that conducts an analysis of the content on your page to enhance the performance quality and SEO of your website.


2. Visual composer role manager

It’s easy to create and control access to practically any website component with the role manager in this plugin. You can permit customers to modify specific parts of a webpage and utilize only specific functionality. Thus, the page design remains exactly the way you desire. Some user roles that you can effectively manage with this plugin are:

  • Editor
  • Administrator
  • Contributor
  • Author
  • Custom roles
  • Subscriber


3. Compatibility with other plugins

The visual composer is fully compatible with various common plugins. It means that you can manage integrations from the frontend editor of this plugin. The plugin is compatible with:


4. Mobile responsive

This builder takes care of your website’s need to be mobile-friendly. It has built-in auto responsiveness so that what you design will automatically be adjusted to look great on smartphones. You can now control the entire layout’s responsiveness with its custom responsive settings for columns and rows.


What does the Visual Composer Premium Subscription offer?

  • The premium subscription of this website builder provides an even more impeccable experience. You can expect to do the following.
  • Easily choose your page’s layout, sidebars, footers, and design headers.
  • Gain access to the Visual Composer Hub marketplace and download several rich templates, extensions, and elements.
  • Design custom pages and set your website under maintenance.
  • Gain access to those compatibility elements with the most famous WordPress plugins.
  • Gain accessibility to premium-class icon libraries and multiple background effects.


Final Words

The visual composer website builder facilitates the seamless creation of WordPress websites. Both beginners and advanced users can employ it to create stunning and interactive web projects. More than 5 million active users are using it, and the number continues to grow. If you decide to use this plugin and experience any problems, feel free to contact the WordPress Support team. You can get advanced troubleshooting assistance and guidance on the usage of this plugin from experts.

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